A burning desire; the case of the African entrepreneur

It is usually welcome news when one decides to stand out and do something different, especially when that action is directed at alleviating a pressing challenge.

The 21st century has experienced a growing trend of entrepreneurial activity, especially amongst the youth, who, as if to assuage the effects of unemployment in several countries around the world, have decided to take it upon themselves to do something beneficial.

The entrepreneur, after making such a bold decision, then goes ahead to initiate a series of activities that would translate the dream into reality, and this is where several obstacles come into to mitigate the efforts of the (group of) individual(s) in question.

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From financing to legalities to implementation to several other potential hindrances, the path of the entrepreneur is littered with challenges that seem to be designed to bring out the best in those involved; it is at this point that the true entrepreneurs with a mission to accomplish are identified.

The African entrepreneur consistently faces challenges that most at times have the tendency to kill dreams, unless survival strategies are adopted.

Despite the availability of opportunities that could be transformed to successful businesses, support appears to be a constant shortfall.

The African entrepreneurial climate appears to pay little attention to startups since the unwritten rules of business suggest that the risk factors associated with starting a business in Africa, especially with little or no start-up capital are too great to ignore; confidence in such enterprises is usually low.

The situation is further worsened when the entrepreneur appears to have no written business plan, and as a result acts as per current trends demand, a situation that scares every rational potential client or partner.

But then there is a leeway; ideas have been put across to assist in this regard. There are a number of business incubators, business that advertise assistance services to start – ups and a number of government institutions that have been assigned with the responsibility of ensuring the comfort of wannabe entrepreneurs.

So then it remains a puzzle that in spite of all these arrangements, a sizeable proportion of individuals and groups with entrepreneurial prospects still remain in the dark, and are unable to access basic support services to kick – start their dreams.

The long road that one travels in a bid to realize burning ambitions in Africa could be shortened if bold steps are taken.

There continues to be that chasm between the entrepreneurs and the sources of funding.

Those sources that can even be readily accessed have several strings attached to them, leaving the entrepreneur bewildered, and wondering when and how a breakthrough would ensure the survival of the dream.

Africa has come a long way. Our economic journey has evolved overtime. Theories have been suggested to assist Africa move out of obscurity so as to take its appropriate place on the global platform.

What is needed now is less of talk and more of practical measures to ensure that those theories work.

The bulk of that transformative strategy lies with Africans. Foreign intervention may be of help, but the pursuit of a long term picture of economic independence in Africa lies in a well – packaged economic revolution.

That revolution would be complemented with the efforts of the entrepreneur, and it is in that regard that urgent measures are needed to assist those who are ready to pay the price, in order to ensure that Africa reaches an economic status we can all be proud of.

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