Will the customer keep you in mind?

Your customer is the prime reason you are in business. This is the driving principle that fuels success in any line of trade, since revenue from sales would definitely add to the growth of the business.

It then becomes imperative to do everything possible to keep the customer. Keeping your customer focused on you alone, with regard to what you are engaged in, calls for a skill that few entrepreneurs possess; it is that same skill that aids their climb to the top.

No matter the kind of business, there is a potential patron out there. Making available to the customer what is needed in a stress – free manner shoots up your status amongst your peers.

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Your customer prefers comfort; certainly not the grueling stress one has to go through to get simple items, and that is where your trump card comes in.

Simply give them what they want at their own convenience, and they would find you wherever you are.

Consumer psychology is a science that is still at work today. We all have a soft spot for comfort; we always wish we can get all we want with as little effort as possible.

The smart entrepreneur is the one who takes advantage of this notion and perfects it to stimulate opportunities for business.

You would always be your customers favourite if you obey three simple rules: Quality goods and services, low prices and purchasing convenience.

Even with the most mundane of wares available for sale, your customer would find it difficult to switch attention if you play to their comfort.

The quality of what you have to offer would play a key role in your general outlook of your business.

Good quality ensures protected goodwill for your business; “quality” would always be associated with what you have. In that sense, whatever you represent is described as the right choice.

Pricing is a key determinant of business success. Knowing how to price your goods and services would decide your fate on the market.

The consumer is definitely price – conscious and, depending on your target market, you can either fail or succeed in your bid.

Some customers revel in being associated with luxury items which usually command high prices; other would settle for rock – bottom prices because that is what they can afford.

Purchasing convenience relates to the level of comfort the customer enjoys when patronizing your wares.

Do they have to walk to you or do you deliver it at their doorstep?

Do they have to endure long sessions of bureaucratic procedures when accessing your services or they can deal with all you have to offer in a number of minutes?

How fast can you get products and services they need, but you don’t readily have?

After sales services?

Your customer would always think of you first if you place their needs at the top of your priority list.

With a little effort, you can attract and keep the desired customers for what you have to sell.

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