Trailblazer: Meet Ayeesha Tsotsoo Antiaye, founder of Diva Forever Beauty Spa

Ayeesha Tsotsoo Antiaye is the 8th born of a family of 8 siblings. She had her Senior High School education at Tema Senior High School (SHS), followed by a professional course in Cosmetology at Springs Beauty Academy.

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Ayeesha then proceeded to work as a beauty lecturer with Abrantie College of Cosmetology, before setting up her business. She is interested in movies, music, reading and acquiring knowledge.

Ayeesha is a cosmetologist with a specialty in beauty therapy; she established Diva Forever Beauty Spa (DFS) about 8 years ago.

Driven by her passion for makeup artistry and catering for the beauty needs of others, she decided to open DFS to provide top of the line professional services for people.

Her inspiration for her business stems from her passion.

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She recalls a time when she took a bold decision to opt for cosmetology; according to her, she would choose her profession over and over again and not regret it.

DFS is open to everyone; from as young as 18 years to as old as 99 years and above.

It has amazing packages anyone who loves to look beautiful with makeup and cosmetics.

It would soon create a line of makeup products that cater for the beauty needs of people with different shades of melanin.

These would include products and services that not only highlight beauty of the melanin but also helps protect it.

DFS is currently solely funded by Ayeesha. According to her, even though business has slowed down in recent times, she is optimistic there would be a turnaround in no time.

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In the next 5 years, she is optimistic DFS would be one of Ghana’s most sort after cosmetology schools and spa centres that would provide services in all corners of the country.

Her message to President Akufo-Addo is simple; he should come to the aid of entrepreneurs as they also contribute their quota to society.

Ayeesha also suggests that cosmetology courses should be incorporated into curricula of schools so that young Ghanaians are empowered to appreciate the profession and not conclude it is for uneducated people.

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Connect with her:

Instagram: @divaforeverbeautyspa

Facebook: DivaForeverBeautySpa

LinkedIn: Ayeesha Tsotsoo



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  • WhatsApp: 0209856865
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