BilthMoment: How to set goals you can achieve with Emmaline Datey

Everyone has a desire to achieve something greater; a career, a business, a family, etc but nobody achieves anything without being intentional.

The thing about goal setting is not so much in achieving them but what you become by achieving them.

That’s why I don’t under emphasize on the importance of personal growth. When you are focused on growth, you will be motivated to achieve your goals

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In John C. Maxwell’s write up on 7 steps to success, he outlined the following:

1. Make a commitment to grow daily

2. Value the process, not the events

3. Don’t wait for inspiration

4. Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity

5. Dream big

6. Plan your priorities

7. Give up to go up

Now in order to be successful, you need to form daily habits that will ensure success. Reflect on your daily habits; would you find yourself on the path to your goals?

What is success?

According to John C. Maxwell, success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others.

Hence success is not just being popular or having a big name or lots of luxury.

Now how do you ensure you form good daily habits? By developing yourself; personal growth enables you to develop the discipline to achieve your goals.

John Maxwell shared 15 laws of growth, but we will focus on two of them:

  1. The Law of Pain
  2. The Law of the Rubber Band

The Law of Pain:

This law states that good management of bad experiences lead to growth. This means that we will all experience growing pains which are life lessons requiring some form of pain management; how we deal with these painful moments affect our growth.

The Law of the Rubber Band:

This states that growing to your full potential requires stretching out of your comfort zone. Hence in order for you to grow to your full potential, you have to stretch beyond your current comfort zone. Stretching grows your athletic muscles and personal growth muscles.

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We all know that pain is something we avoid naturally. Everyone has bad experiences too and there are 3 ways people respond to them:

  1. Some of us avoid them
  2. Some of us deal with them
  3. Others embrace them; these are leaders

However, pain is unavoidable.

How do we turn our pain into gain?

1. Take a positive life stance-look for positive lessons in every experience; embrace and develop your creativity.

2. Embrace the value of bad experiences; winners are learners

3. Make good changes. What happens to us is rarely the end of the road. Many of us focus on our feelings about what has happened to us. Change your focus to your thoughts and actions that will lead you in a better direction.

How to move forward in growing through pain:

  1. Get input from others
  2. Understand your emotions
  3. Identify specific changes you want to have.
  4. Take action.

If I were to ask, do you want to grow? How would you respond? I believe it would resounding yes; I want to grow. 

But the truth is that for most of us, we avoid any form of pressure because we don’t want to feel uncomfortable.

This is because we have been taught that comfort is a place to be desired and strived for.

But if I may burst your bubble let me tell you that all living things grow and growth requires stretching.

Look for positive ways to turn your pain into strength. Seek help or counsel from a coach. Understand that your emotions are normal but you can control them. Access your strengths and weaknesses and take action to make sure you grow.

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Key points about stretching:

  • Stretching sets you apart from others
  • Stretching can become a lifestyle
  • Stretching gives you a shot at significance. People who are committed to making a difference stand out in life.

John Maxwell says that true life begins at the end of our comfort zone and we arrive there by stretching.

Look for positive ways to turn your pain into strength. Seek help or counsel for a coach. Understand that your emotions are normal but you can control them. Access your strengths and weaknesses and take action to make sure you grow.

Pain and stretching are key ingredients for personal growth. Don’t be discouraged by your current situation. They can turn your life around and make you mature. People who grow don’t misuse wealth and are sensitive to others.

Responsible people know how to handle fame but are not focused on it. 

Once you focus on growth, you will be motivated to achieve your goals.

Setting personal goals:

A goal is a desired result a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve. It is also a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development.

Many people endeavor to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines.

In other words, any planning you do for the future regardless of what it is, is a goal.

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Importance of goal setting:

1. Goals push you forward

2. Goals hold you accountable

3. Goals help you define success

4. Goals serve as a measuring stick for success

5. Goals help boost morale

6. Goals set priorities

7. Goals communicate progress 

8. Goals help you track progress 

9. Goals inform you of how much progress you are making.

By understanding your purpose and your why, you gain a sense of direction, vision, meaning, clarity, feeling of accomplishment and true fulfillment when the goal is completed.

Below are examples of typical career goals:

1. Increase professional knowledge and training: Whether taking a college class, a workshop offered by an employer, getting a certification, or something along those lines, this is a common goal. It can be useful both if you are looking for work, or are already employed.

2. Increase earnings: Being underpaid often detracts from motivation and performance. Making changes to earn more increases enthusiasm for most jobs, and motivates a job search.

3. Improve low-functioning work processes or relationships: This goal area can make the daily work experience more positive and rewarding.

4. Have new experiences: Whether volunteering in your community or at work, joining a professional association to meet new people in your field, or introducing yourself to people you never talk with, new experiences fuel interest in your career.

5. Attain a leadership role: Many people feel their ultimate goal is to lead in their career or organization. Establishing the steps to achieve a leadership role makes it possible.

Your goals must ultimately lead to your vision or purpose.

So before you can effectively set goals, you must define your purpose.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, set goals that will help you achieve that.

Practical tools for goal setting:

Goal setting requires objective methods. We are more familiar with SMART Goals. But they can be SMARTER

S – Specific

M – Meaningful

A – Achievable

R – Relevant

T – Time bound

E – Evaluatable 

R – Readjustable

Practical tools to help achieve goals include:

Vision board

Action board

Motivation board

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal.

Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

A vision board is also known as dream board. It is one of the most valuable visualization tools. They look like inspirational collages which serve as your image of the future – a tangible example, idea or representation of where you are going. It should represent your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life.

By representing your goals with pictures and images you will actually strengthen and stimulate your emotions because your mind responds strongly to visual  stimulation and your emotions are the vibrational energy that activates the Law of Attraction. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words,” certainly holds true here.

What Is an action board?

An action board could be considered as an extension of a vision board. Aside from that, you might also decide to have only an action board.

The action board consists of the specific actions that you need to take in order to achieve a specific desire or goal.

The action board consists of the specific actions that you need to take in order to achieve a specific desire or goal.

A Vision board is usually done once a year. With an action board, you can break your vision board into monthly or weekly boards that consist of the actions you need to take to achieve your final goals.

An action board will help you determine the small actions you need to take in order to achieve the big goal. 

What is a motivation board?

A motivation board is a decorative board that tracks your progress. This manifestation tool is used to motivate you towards achieving a specific goal.

Both action and motivation board are best when used along with a vision board. The vision board is the ultimate manifestation tool that features your biggest priorities all in one place.

The most important thing about achieving your goals is to believe that you can. When you are driven by purpose, and focused on growth, achieving your goals won’t be a mere wish.

In conclusion, it is so easy to be overwhelmed by your current situation but they don’t define or limit you.

God said to Abraham: “I am giving all this land, as far as you can see, to you and your descendants as a permanent possession.”

How do you want your future to be? Are your thoughts positive enough to lift you from your current situation to your desired future? Have you written down your SMARTER Goals? How do you intend to achieve them after writing them down? 

Your life will change if you decide that it should. God has made it possible for you to succeed. Stop pitying yourself.

Get a coach to hold you accountable. Reward your success to motivate you to go further. Get to work. Plan and Act.

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