BilthMoment: Building your self-confidence, with Jackie Hanson Kwofie

Bilth Studio is a filmmaking, graphic design and social media marketing company looking to contribute to the creative industry and help SMEs promote their business online. This session is about self-confidence, what it is and how we can build it in ourselves. Let’s rock!!! A young man wanted to be a movie director. To becomeContinue reading “BilthMoment: Building your self-confidence, with Jackie Hanson Kwofie”

BilthMoment: Benefit Of A Healthy Sex Lifestyle, With Miss Borteley

Dora Naa Borteley Borkete-la is a Public Health Worker, CEO of Borteley Kente and Fugu Hub and the Founder and President of B-Inspired Foundation (NGO).Sex is an act of getting intimate with the opposite sex. It could be out of curiosity, love, or any other purpose.Reasons why we have sex include pleasure, stress relief, attractionContinue reading “BilthMoment: Benefit Of A Healthy Sex Lifestyle, With Miss Borteley”

BilthMoment: Life After High School; Career Choices With Hannah Zoroaster Edwin

High school is the fun stage of our youthful life’s but real life sets in soon after. What do I do now that am out of high school? Where do I see myself in the next 1,2,3…years?; sometimes these questions become difficult to answer. READ ALSO: Generating amazing business ideas; steps to take When choosingContinue reading “BilthMoment: Life After High School; Career Choices With Hannah Zoroaster Edwin”

The 360-degree student

Academic institutions the world over have gradually added a new twist to the educational package prepared for students; various extracurricular activities are embedded into the educational system in order to serve the dual purpose of identifying innate talents as well as preparing the student to fit into the world after school. The present state ofContinue reading “The 360-degree student”

Of politics and politricks

“Man is a political animal; the only being that lives in organized communities, in which relations are regulated” – Aristotle (384-322BC) The political season comes and goes as it wills. Year in, year out, all forms of elections at all levels of administration do well to catch the attention of the man on the street;Continue reading “Of politics and politricks”

Designing your dream

“Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you cannot, you are absolutely right” – Henry Ford “Be true to who you are”, sounds a message in a hit song by Gospel musician Donnie McClurkin. Albeit succinct, the above message summarizes the entirety of the pre-requisites of success in life. READ ALSO: Getting StartedContinue reading “Designing your dream”

Africa: Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Mood swings have become the norm when it comes to the potential of the African continent. Pre 1990’s was described as the dark days of Africa. Post-1990 into the early decades of this 21st century saw an uproar and cheers all over the world for the continent as the next big thing to happen. AfterContinue reading “Africa: Yesterday, today and tomorrow”