An employee every employer desires

Getting a job is usually the first step of a long journey. The entirety of the trip is rolled out for you when you fit the capacity in which you are expected to operate. Fitting here relates to being that kind of employee whose services are needed, simply because there is enough evidence to proveContinue reading “An employee every employer desires”

Office automation in the 21st Century

The 21st century brought with it advancements in technology that have transformed the world further into an interconnected unit that spread out far and wide. With a number of electronic gadgets at your disposal, it is possible to transact business across the world. The internet, working in union with a number of hardware devices enablesContinue reading “Office automation in the 21st Century”

Side-stepping Conflict of Interest at the office

One of the primary reasons why people seek employment is to support the basic economic functions they need to perform. Some desire a consistent source of income to assist in the upkeep of a family; others need money to acquire basic necessities in life, but all in all, a form of employment serves both needsContinue reading “Side-stepping Conflict of Interest at the office”

Wanted: More leaders, less managers

Corporate culture usually demands an adherence to laid – down procedures with regard to rights, privileges and responsibilities. There is a clear chain of command and roles are explicitly defined. The nature of synchronization between the superior and the subordinate more often than not spells out the output of the firm. The added flavor comesContinue reading “Wanted: More leaders, less managers”

Preparing for the job market

“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark” – Richard C. Cushing It is a natural phenomenon everywhere that any individual who does not put his hands (abilities, knowledge, capabilities, talents) to use, suffers the likelihood of being a pauper. People who fail to put their abilities, knowledge, capabilities, or talents toContinue reading “Preparing for the job market”

Office politics; your vote is your power

Politics is all over, to the extent that it has filled every facet of our lives; from the market in Makola to the school in Bumpurugu yoyo and even the church in that little neighborhood. It might not stick out like a sore thumb as compared to those running for public offices but the truthContinue reading “Office politics; your vote is your power”