The nitty-gritty of business contracts

Every business unit, from sole proprietorships to fully-fledged public corporations usually comes into contact with one form of contractual arrangements or the other. Once another individual or even business assumes a role in the setup, there is usually the need for a type of contractual agreement, usually in order to either establish precedence with regardContinue reading “The nitty-gritty of business contracts”

…and the merchants came to town

Commerce has been with the world since time immemorial. From the times of the Stone Age and thereafter when barter trade was the preferred mode of acquisition of needed items, through till the period in history when the concept of currency was introduced as the medium of exchange, we have constantly sought for a mechanismContinue reading “…and the merchants came to town”

Intellectual Property: Handling confidential information

As you start your business it is important to safeguard certain pieces of information related to your business. This information includes trade secrets and personal or private information. It is important to know how to protect such information as your business grows in order to maintain that competitive edge. The law of breach of confidenceContinue reading “Intellectual Property: Handling confidential information”

Drafting an arbitration clause

Sometimes writing an arbitration clause in an agreement can be such a daunting task. It gets confusing as to what exactly to put in there or how much detail it should contain. The Arbitration Act, 2010 (Act 798) gives an indication of what should go into the arbitration clause. According to section 13 of theContinue reading “Drafting an arbitration clause”

Mergers and Acquisitions; taking the right steps

Various factors come into play when two or more businesses decide to merge, or when (the dominant) one decides to take over the operations of the other. When management of a firm decides to broaden the scope of operations, one of the options usually considered is the act of identifying a minor playmate in theContinue reading “Mergers and Acquisitions; taking the right steps”

Registering a business in Ghana: The basic steps

Below are some basic steps in registering your company. 1.  Acquire a Tax Identification Number (TIN). This is done by completing a Ghana Revenue Authority Tax Payer Registration Form. The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) officers after processing the TIN, send a text message  for you to collect the TIN. This applies to both the onlineContinue reading “Registering a business in Ghana: The basic steps”

Intellectual Property Law: Getting your trademark

The world is full of trademarks! On the streets, on signboards, at shopping malls, on customized cars, in television ads, etc you will find trademarks of several companies advertising their products. The trademark helps us to distinguish one company from another. READ ALSO: Intellectual Property Law: Protecting your idea WHAT IS A TRADEMARK? A trademarkContinue reading “Intellectual Property Law: Getting your trademark”

Intellectual Property Law: Protecting Your Idea

Everyone has an idea. Ideas come to us while we eat, walk, drive, sit on a bus, chat, or even dream (A friend tells me most of his ideas come to him while he’s on the toilet seat!). Whichever way you get ideas you must protect them, especially when that idea is original and uniquelyContinue reading “Intellectual Property Law: Protecting Your Idea”